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9 Useful Tips on How to Pack Boxes for Moving

When is the big day? Well, whenever it is, we wish you the best of luck. It will be hard, but it is worth it to create a new life for you and your spouse. Just be sure you have your boxes packed (correctly) and ready to go for your new fortress of solitude.

Sorry, we are not talking about your wedding day. We are talking about your moving day. Unfortunately, moving is one of the most cumbersome activities to experience in your life, even worse than a tooth extraction. Once is enough. But you can make it easier to endure every time by knowing how to pack boxes for moving.
Here are nine tips for how to pack boxes for moving:

1. Group Similar Items in Boxes

Let’s face it: We are not wizards when it comes to moving or packing. Perhaps it has been the last several weeks of trying to get our hands on as many custom moving boxes as possible, sending us into a comatose state where we drool just entrenched in the thought of boxes. Boxes, boxes, boxes.

But no matter how great your boxes are, you need to play it smart. The best way? Group similar items!

The main tactic is to put items of similar size and weight in the same box. But here comes the hard part: You should refrain from mixing belongings from different rooms. This might be difficult, but you can do it because you are on a mission to be ready for Moving Day.

2. Wrap and Pack Heaviest Items First

As you have organized your inventory of items all laid out – from each room, of course! – you need to proceed to wrap the heaviest items in bubble wrap or packing paper. The next thing to do is to place them at the bottom of the box, which is the foundation of the box since nothing else will be damaged.

3. Cushion Your Entire Box

Prior to adding stuff inside your box, you should cushion it with packing peanuts or crumpled packing paper can do a lot to shield your items from external elements. You can also utilize the packing airbags that come in most Amazon boxes these days.

4. Never Fill Your Box More Than You Can Lift

When it comes to how to pack boxes for moving, A common mistake that people make is that they try to cram everything into boxes. What our rationale for doing that does vary from person to person. It may be because we want as fewer boxes as possible. Or, it may be because we don’t want to spend more on boxes. Or, we want to pay the movers as little as possible by making it faster.

The rule of thumb, however, is that you should never fill a box more than you can lift. So, industry experts say the limit should be 30 pounds.

5. Label All Your Boxes for Moving

Everyone says to do this, but we always forget to do this simple task that will save us time and headaches. So, what is it? Labeling!

Ah, yes. Labeling. The preventer of fights with our significant others and the saver of money from having to go out and buy new razors! All you need is a Sharpie and you can proceed to list everything that is in the box on the outside.

6. Seal with Heavy-Duty Tape

If you thought that simple scotch tape or a tape gun would suffice, then think again! You want heavy-duty tape and you want to apply a double layer of this heavy-duty tape, too. This way, you can feel confident that nothing will fall out from the bottom or that nothing would be lost if the top is open.

Whatever brand there is, you need to spend the extra few bucks and buy the tape.

7. Double Wall Boxes

Sorry, opened Amazon boxes will not work out. And don’t think for one second that you can use the empty used boxes from No Frills. No, you will have to spend money on new boxes from an office supply store. But it just can’t be any box either: You need to be in the market for newer boxes with a sturdy double wall free of tears, rips or stains.

8. Dolly

Hello, Dolly! If you want to prevent a bad back and an early onslaught of arthritis in your wrists, then you want a dolly to accompany your move. You can place all your stuff on a dolly and make the move as easy as possible.

Now, if you are using a professional moving company, then it will have a dolly. However, if it is just you and a couple of your buddies, then a dolly is a must-have tool on your big day.

9. Moving Checklist

Finally, do you have everything? Yes? Well, how do you know? By memory, you say, eh? That won’t cut it. So, what do you need? A moving checklist!

A moving checklist is essentially a comprehensive report of your inventory. The idea behind it is that you have a list of everything you possess. Every time an item is placed inside a box, you check it off.

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