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6 Ways on How to Buy a House with Low Credit Score

If you can afford to pay rent, chances are you might be able to afford to buy a home. Bad credit should not limit your financing options, and there are companies that offer flexible loan options even with bad credit. You may, however, need to streamline your expenses, pay your debts on time, and add a few more income streams to qualify for a mortgage.

The most important question is not whether you can buy a home with poor credit, but whether you’re committed to making those monthly payments no matter what. In any case, having a low credit score means you’re already indebted. Why not let one of those debts leave you with a home once you’re done paying it back? Continue Reading

Home Renovation

5 Furniture Rental Tips for Your Home Staging

Toronto’s real estate market isn’t what it used to be. Sure, the housing market is still offering $800,000 homes, but sales and bidding wars aren’t quite what they were a year ago.

With the Ontario government implementing new measures to cool off the housing market and the Bank of Canada (BOC) gradually raising interest rates, potential homebuyers are beginning to take a wait-and-see approach. And this is making many homeowners nervous. Continue Reading

Home Repairs

How to Stop a Leak: 6 Ways to Fix Leaking Kitchen Faucet

Stopping a leaky faucet is not one of those things you can afford to procrastinate over. You need to either fix it yourself or call a plumber to help you with the problem. Promptly locating and fixing the plumbing leak saves you not just the annoying sound of water leaking, but higher water bills as well.

With the following tips and the right tools, fixing a leaking faucet ought to be an easy do-it-yourself exercise. Here is an easy home tutorial on how to stop a leak in your house:

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Home Renovation

6 Important Reasons Why You Need To Install Corner Guards In Your Property

As a property owner, you should focus on ensuring safety for those who live in your property, protecting your investment, maintaining an aesthetically pleasing space and reducing maintenance costs. Did you know that you can achieve all these by installing corner guards in your property? Corner guards usually protect your wall corners from dents, scratches and, wear and tear. In this article, the discussion will be on some of the most important reasons why you need to acquire and install corner guards in your residence.

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