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9 Best Uses for a Real Estate CRM System

A real estate CRM can make your job easier in many different ways. More than just a list of names, email addresses and phone numbers, it allows you to automate your marketing operations, and it tells you who you should contact, and when.

Here are 9 reasons why you need a real estate CRM system if you don’t already have one.

1. It can automate your marketing operations

An important part of your job as a real estate agent is to try to generate leads online, and to send emails to your clients and contacts. A real estate CRM will automate these tasks for you, and will even track the success of each of your campaigns.

2. It can connect with your social media accounts

Do you think you are making the most of your social media accounts? A real estate CRM could help you keep in touch with past clients and prospects. After all, many people prefer being contacted through social media than by phone or email.

3. It will help you follow up with your contacts

Failing to follow up with all of your prospects is probably making you lose a lot of money and referrals. Your real estate CRM will tell you each day who you should contact, why you should contact them, and how.

4. It reminds you to stay in touch with your past clients

While you’re trying to get new leads, don’t forget about your past clients! Yes, a real estate CRM will also help you stay in touch with them. You never know when they might need your help again.

5. It will show you relevant data about your contacts

Not all the leads you generate will be good ones. Most real estate CRM systems will collect relevant data about your contacts, and will help you figure out who is ready to buy or sell a house, and who is simply looking around.

6. It makes it easier to be reliable each day

The fact that you are very busy each day shouldn’t mean that you don’t have the time to be reliable. With a real estate CRM, you will always know when it’s time to return a call or to go to an appointment.

7. It will help you stay consistent

Reliable real estate agents also need to be consistent in the way they communicate with their prospects and clients. Your CRM system could even provide you with templates to help you be more consistent.

8. It can help you keep a calendar of future appointments

With each new transaction come many appointments and deadlines, for your clients and for yourself. Your real estate CRM will add all those important dates to your calendar, so you’ll never forget one of them again.

9. It should help you earn more money

With all those benefits, it’s easy to see that a real estate CRM system would help you become more efficient, which means it would also help you earn more money than simply relying on a list of names and contact information.

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