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8 Design Ideas to Renovate Your Furnished Apartment

Many furnished apartments are comfortable and decorated with stylish furniture and beautiful artwork. But what do you do when the decor of your furnished apartment doesn’t represent you at all?

Here are 8 simple things you can do to feel more at home in your furnished apartment.

1. Pack a few things

Take a look around your furnished apartment. Try to pack anything that you don’t need or that you don’t like, and hide it in a closet or on top of a shelf. If you want to take some artwork down the walls, take a few pictures first so you can put it back in place before you leave.

2. Add your own decorative items

Your favorite artwork on the walls, a few framed photos, some knick-knacks on a coffee table and a couple of cushions with a soft blanket on the couch can be enough to transform the look of a furnished apartment and make it your own.

3. Get some incense or scented candles

Bringing in some accessories that make you feel at home is a good idea, but you can also make your furnished apartment smell like home. Some incense sticks, scented candles or an essential oil diffuser can do a great job.

4. Add a few plants

Beautiful house plants, even if they are only fake ones, can brighten up any room. Some colorful flowers in a vase can do the same thing. If you would like to add real house plants to your furnished apartment, make sure they get enough sunlight and water.

5. Move the furniture around

Sure, the furniture in your furnished apartment looks amazing, but is it convenient for you and your needs? Don’t hesitate to put that coffee table on the other side of the couch, or to move that chair closer to the window if you want more sunlight when you sit there to read.

6. Add some light

Speaking of sunlight, if your furnished apartment comes with heavy blinds or very dark curtains, you might want to replace them with lighter curtains if you want to enjoy more natural light. Bringing in a new lamp might also make you feel more at home.

7. Add a beautiful wall decal

Wall decals are another easy way to instantly transform the look of a room. You don’t need to spend a fortune on them, as it’s possible to find beautiful wall decals for a cheap price. Many designs are available, and they will not damage the walls of your furnished apartment when you remove them.

8. Use your own beed sheets and bath towels

Another easy way to make you feel like you are living in your own apartment, and not in a hotel room, is to replace the bed sheets and the bath towels of your furnished apartment with your own. You can do the same with your comforter, your pillow cases, and your table cloths.

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