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4 Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

Moving can be many things. Exciting, scary, inspiring, saddening, and so much more, depending on the conditions of your departure. No matter what you feel when you look around at your soon-to-be previous home, there is a good chance that you may feel slightly humbled at the task of actually moving your stuff out. You might ask yourself, “Where in the world do I begin?” Well, this lovely little guide contains four vital moving tips that may just make your migration a bit easier and less stressful.

1. Planning is Everything

Naturally, there are times when you may find yourself moving from your home unexpectedly. That can not be helped, but for those who intend to move, planning can make a world of difference between easy and near impossible. Plan ahead by doing things such as finding a few helpers, personal friends, or professional movers to help you. Nobody wants to find themselves alone on moving day.

Also, be sure to pack essential items such as phone chargers, toothbrushes, medicines, or personal health equipment away first in an accessible, easy to find spot. It also doesn’t hurt to plan out where certain things will be in your new place, and what should be unpacked first. This way you don’t have to pull out a few couches and chairs in order to get to that one wardrobe that you needed first.

2. Notify People of Importance Beforehand

This may seem like common sense, as you’ll most likely be telling your mother or post office about where you’ll be going, but there are others that should know, too! Think about it, there are any magazine subscriptions you have, your credit card companies, and even your gym or library that may need to know, as well. It’s a small thing, but these are rather done sooner than have to be worried about later.

3. Find a Good Packing Service

The standard option when moving is to find some old, used boxes outside of a store. Sure, that can work if you desperately need boxes, but it’s a bit of a risky move. Who knows what those boxes could carry? They could be dirty or even carry a fresh infestation of bedbugs for your shiny new home. The more safe and sanitary option would be to use a packing service, which provides you with all of the boxes you need. Plus, the boxes will be much cleaner and sturdier than any used boxes you may find.

4. Moving Provides a Rare Opportunity

When going through all of your belongings, packing them up for the journey, there may be a few things that you notice are no longer needed, or aren’t given the proper attention that they deserve. Moving gives you the chance to filter all of the things from your life that are simply taking up space. This includes old clothes, forgotten treasures, or maybe a few knick-knacks from that last relationship that aren’t doing anything useful in your life.

A few fun options on how to dispose of these items are to have a yard sale, passing some of it off to friends or family, or even donating anything you no longer need. As they say, your trash may be pure treasure to someone else.

As I said earlier, moving may be an intimidating, stressful experience. However, taking a few preemptive steps beforehand may just make it a lot easier. Moving shouldn’t be a nightmare that you dread, but rather an adventure that you enjoy!

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