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10 Supplies You Need For An Easy Move

Packing can be a huge task, but with the proper supplies it can be easy. When you think about moving the first thing that comes to mind is how many boxes you require. The second most important concern is how to safely protect your furniture or delicate items during the move. You need to buy suitable and proper size boxes to fit all your items and belongings.

Apart from boxes, there are other packaging supplies to buy to ensure all boxes are secure during the move. Make your packing easy by planning ahead of time. Having the right packing supply will make the move a breeze. Some of the essential packing supplies include:

1. Packing paper

Blank paper is handy for all your glass or fragile items. It can help prevent these delicate items from breaking. It can also be used to fill in the empty space within boxes.

2. Bubble and plastic wrap

Apart from paper, bubble wrap can protect your finest, breakable and delicate items. For breakables make sure you get perforated, premium bubble wrap. Additionally, plastic stretch wrap can prevent dirt, water or dust from damaging the items. Plastic wrap can also help you cover existing dresser drawers that you probably don’t want to empty and pack. If it is not too heavy and the plastic wrap keeps the items tightly secured, you can easily pack each of your dresser draws and transport the items in the draws. Plastic wrap is also good for photo frames and wires.

3. Packing labels

Labels keep your packaging organized. This can help you to list the items in the box. It will make unpacking stress-free and easy to do.

4. Packing tape

Packing tape seals your boxes. There are heavy-duty tape dispensers that can make the process of taping easy as well as seal the boxes securely. You can consider different colored tape for different rooms so that when moving in, you can place the colored taped boxes in the corresponding room.

5. Furniture blankets and pads

Blankets and furniture pads prevent furniture from touching edges and getting scraped while being moved from the home to the truck and to the new location. There are bound to be obstacles along the way, but furniture pads and blankets will ensure your furniture is not damaged during the process. Pads are also good for mirrors and TVs.

6. Measuring tape

Measuring tape can help in measuring the furniture to see if it fits within the door ways and entrances when moving out and when moving into your new place.

7. Permanent markers

Markers can help you number all your boxes and list the items in each box. You can also note fragile on the boxes that are packed with breakable items.

8. Wardrobe boxes

You may not be aware of wardrobe boxes. These boxes will keep all your ironed clothes in good shape. You don’t have to worry about taking them out of the hangers and can easily transport them from the closet to the next closet without additional ironing.

9. Small boxes

Heavier items should always be packed in smaller boxes. It makes it easier to move items such as books. By limiting the weight, you can carry boxes yourself and not have to worry about large over packed boxes that are heavy to carry and move.

10. Anti-breakage packaging

If packing all your glass, plates and other delicate items become time consuming, buy sectional packing boxes that saves time wrapping items. Sectional boxes allow for items to be tightly placed in the box without requiring too much of wrapping paper or bubble wrap.

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