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Moving Into a New Apartment Checklist: 8 Important Tasks

The big move day is just round the corner. All big decisions have been made, all papers were put in place, and the financial investment has been thought over and made too. Soon, it will be the day for the all-so-exciting part of moving into your new apartment.

Moving can be a very stressful experience if you do not plan all things way in advance. Because there are so many different tasks involved, it is always better to start planning early than to try and finish everything in a day and run the risk of missing out on important stuff.

There are a few things that need to be in place, and a few things you need to do on the day of the moving, to ensure that your moving experience is as seamless as possible. This way, you can make sure that all the time is spent on enjoying the great day instead of fretting about the smaller things.

We prepared a moving into a new apartment checklist, highlighting some of tasks you need to add on your moving day checklist for a stress-free moving day.

Task #1: Labeling

When it comes to moving into a new apartment, there is no such thing as too many labels. When all things are packed, go nuts labeling everything that you can. Be as descriptive as you want to be about the details of what every box contains. You will be surprised how easily your brain will forget what thing went in which box when you need something the most.

And trust us, it is not fun to go through five boxes to finally find something you have been looking for. Labels could include the room that all the packed stuff belongs too, or even a list of individual things packed inside the box for good measure.

Task #2: Movers

Hopefully, before the moving day, you would have arranged for a mover. Even if you are doing the moving on your own, you still need to arrange for say the moving truck to make sure you can safely move all the things from the old place to the new one.

When you are looking for a mover, really look around. If you hire someone that comes highly recommended and has a great service rating, you can spend your moving day on more important stuff than monitoring every move of the movers.

Task #3: Call the new apartment

When you are moving into the new apartment, you don’t want to end up at the place and realise you don’t have the keys. Or, you also don’t want to show up at the  apartment property and find out that three other families are moving at the same time.

Remember, the movers will charge money depending on the time they spend with you. Always call the apartment help desk ahead of time to book a time slot when you will be moving, and also book the service elevator if that is an option.

Task #4: Utilities

You don’t want to move into the new apartment without internet or other utilities. In most cases, you will have the option to arrange for all utilities to be taken care of before your actual moving day. If installation is part of the process, you can still arrange for it to take place on the same day so you end the moving day with all utilities up and running.

Task #5: Clean the apartment

Unfortunately, all new  apartments would need a certain level of cleaning. With all the moving happening, things are bound to not get out of hand, but a little dirty. Always make sure that the cleaning supplies are packed in an accessible manner, and make sure to clean the apartment before you start with the unpacking.

Task #6: Unpack the furniture

Once the cleaning has been taken care of, start of by unpacking and arranging the big furniture pieces first. Because they occupy a lot of space, you will soon feel you have achieved a lot by simply placing a few furniture pieces. And that feeling is what will keep you going till you have really done a great amount of work for the moving day.

Task #7: Unpack your belongings

Next, start with the washrooms and the kitchen unpacking. You can have a makeshift arrangement for the living area for a night, but the washroom needs to be ready the first thing when you move in. Prioritise the rooms based on the place that you use the most to the place you use the least.

Task #8: Check the inventory

Lastly, while unpacking, it is a smart move to take inventory of the things being unpacked. This is a great and simple way of making sure that every box that was packed has been moved and opened. If things go missing, depending on the insurance, you can pursue the situation based on the options you have at hand.

Moving should be all about the joy of moving into the new place. Add the above things to your moving day checklist to ensure yours is a fun one too.

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