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6 Wine Storage Tips in Your Home

As the holidays grow closer and closer it’s only natural that you may find yourself entertaining more than usual. With that said it’s always nice to have a few different bottles of wine on hand to serve to guests. White wine tends to be a really safe route to take, and it can also be a pretty fun one since there are so many different vintages that produce such different tastes.

As you stock up and buy white wine in preparation for the busy holiday rush, here are five tips you may want to keep in mind that will help you to store them in the best way possible. These tips will ensure that the wine’s flavour profile stays true and doesn’t spoil.

1. Make Sure the Temperature is Ideal

One of the most important things to remember when storing wine, regardless of whether it is white or red, is that you need to keep it at the ideal temperature. When it comes to white wine the ideal temperature is between 7 to 10 degrees Celsius. This keeps it cool but not too cold and will help to ensure that the flavour stays true even if it’s stored for a long period of time. It is also a great temperature to serve the wine at, which means you can just uncork it and serve it right away.

Keep in mind that storing white wine in the fridge for long periods of time isn’t a good idea. This actually sucks the flavour out of the wine and can leave it rather flat and even bitter tasting.

2. Keep it Somewhere Dark

You also want to be sure that you store your wine some place in the house that is dark. Direct light, whether from the sun or from a light fixture, will ruin the wine extremely fast. A cold room, cellar, or basement corner is usually the best solution.

3. Store Wine on Its Side When Corked

If the wine is corked then you will need to be sure that it is stored on its side. The goal is to have the wine in constant contact with the cork. This helps to keep the flavour fresh and true. If it isn’t touching the cork, you’ll find it tastes already corked when you open it, which can be pretty disappointing.

4. Pick a Shelving System That is Stable

For those who plan on storing any more than just a couple of bottles at once, you also want to pick some sort of shelving or storage system that is strong and reliable. The last thing you want is to have the system collapse under the weight of the bottles and thereby smash all your wine. While you don’t have to get a storage system specifically designed for storing wine, typically these are the safest and most durable options.

5. Humidity Levels Should Also Be Considered

Again this is a tip that is more important when you have wine that is corked. Humidity levels should be kept between 50-80%, which is a pretty big variance at least. You don’t want the room too dry or too humid, but outside of that you’ve got a lot of wiggle room. A humidifier or dehumidifier can help you to reach the optimal humidity levels in the room.

6. Proper Storage Requires Just a Few Simple Steps

At the end of the day proper white wine storage really isn’t that confusing. It’s just about creating a space in your home that features all the right “conditions” as far as light, temperature, and humidity goes, and then storing the bottles on a strong and stable shelf.

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