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6 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

People often don’t recognize landscaping is a highly specific skill and, therefore, they fail to turn to professionals for advice or help. Making mistakes can cause an unsightly mess at your property, home, or business and can also be very costly in the long run when trying to rectify the issues.

Careful planning, research, and thought must be put into landscaping to ensure no avoidable mistakes occur. Here are some of the mistakes commonly made that you should avoid.

1. Cutting the Grass Too Short

Many people trying to landscape their properties believe they can save time by cutting the grass very shortly, hoping they will get away with mowing it less often. However, cutting the grass very short can kill the grass, resulting in bare patches and causing lengthy delays while getting new turf or waiting for new seed to grow.

Bare grass also makes a better home for bugs and disease, which damage the ground. Remember that, in the summer months, the ground needs shade, and to allow your grass to grow slightly longer than in the winter, this also helps with hydration. Often, the grass areas are the largest part of a landscaped area and it is essential that these are well cared for.

2. Choosing the Wrong Plants

From ignoring the seasons or not thinking carefully about the colour schemes, picking and planting the wrong flowers and plants can cause an unsightly mess. Always consider which plants grow better in each season and plant them accordingly, predicting when each set will bloom.

Grow plants that are most suited to your climate and the space you have available. Overcrowding is a common mistake as people forget how much certain plants will spread upwards and outwards. Regarding colour, choose a pattern and scheme for each section of the landscaped area to avoid a chaotic look.

3. Overcrowding of Ornamentation

People often need to be reminded that less is more in terms of ornaments in a garden. It is common to see gardens with a wide variety of random ornaments scattered all over the place, which creates a cluttered look. Ornaments also attract moss and dirt, can change colours, and end up looking rather unclean.

Don’t distract from the beauty of the natural landscape and garden by overcrowding with unnecessary items. Be selective and make sure any ornaments used match your overall design with the aim to make small statements.

4. Improper Irrigation or Fertilization

When it comes to adding water and fertilizer to their gardens, many owners go over the top and don’t take any proper steps to find out the true required amount needed. Don’t drown your grass with excessive watering. Instead, consider investing in a sprinkler to allow for timely watering at the most favourable times of the day. Concerning fertilizing, don’t ignore professional advice, make sure to use the best fertilizer for your yard, and read the instructions. Make sure to avoid watering in the hot sunlight, which is a common mistake people make, often causing irreversible damage.

5. Bad Pruning

Each plant needs to be pruned differently, and without proper research and planning, pruning can do more harm than good. Sometimes, it’s best to not do this at all rather than risk ruining your plants.

6. Failure to Plan

When landscaping, many just dive in head first, attacking one area after the next and hoping for the best, without taking into account whether each section complements the other and failing to be aware of the space boundaries. It’s paramount to have a full drawn-up plan before starting any landscaping project to ensure you’re following a step-by-step guide and are aware of any problems that may be faced.

A lot more thought goes into landscaping than many homeowners believe. It’s often best left to the professionals.

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