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The 6 Most Beautiful & Best Bathroom Paint Colors

Every home has a personality, gained painstakingly not only by way of its architecture and location, but also through the touch of the lives lived therein. The way you organize your furniture, the architecture, the pictures you put up, and even where you put the recycle bin all contribute to the personality of your home.

But perhaps the most influential element coloring the personality of your home is… well… the color itself! Just what colors you select for your living space can have an astronomical effect on the energy your home carries.

Colour can be used to make all kinds of statements about your most intimate traits — and with no room being more intimate than the bathroom, the energy in there is very important.

Here is a short list of the best bathroom paint colors, whether you are just looking to clean up a bit or to make a statement! Make sure to keep in mind the existing decor you have to work with, including appliances, baseboards and trim.

1. Oxford Blue or Prussian Blue

Selecting the just-right shade of blue can be very difficult. You’ll want to stay away from baby blue, powder blue, or mayan blue; going too powdery will reduce your aesthetic to the level of your grandmother’s powder room … no one wants that!

This is why it’s a good idea to explore the darker shades. If you are working with a full-sized bathroom, a deep Oxford Blue could be one of the best bathroom paint colors, but if your space is limited you may want to go a few shades lighter into Prussian territory.

2. Blue Grey

While powder blue is definitely much better left in the past, greyish-blue hues keep it modern while maintaining a classic feel. The main benefit of this shade is an aura of easy-going calmness which will match with a wide variety of appliances as well as with your partner’s collection of colorful hand towels!

3. Moss Green or Mint Green

There’s an incredibly long list of greens to stay away from when painting your bathroom, or living room, or bedroom, or… anything other than a field of grass, really! Anyone who walks into a chartreuse or shamrock bathroom is no doubt going to feel immediately ill.

If you have the space to work with a darker color though, and the inclination for green, a deep forest shade can really bring your bathroom to fruition. One perk of this shade is that it will pair with just about any neutral or earth-toned color and look fabulous. Even the ugliest white appliances will look chic in there!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also pair this shade with a bathroom classic, rose pink, for an old-school touch. Proceed with caution! (Hint: If you don’t have the space to work with a dark color but you’re very attached to shades of green, try out some mint swatches!)

4. Deep Yellow

If you’re into a neutral palette, you’ll want to dabble in the off-whites. Unfortunately, beige and cream and their ilk have been played over so often that they are frankly quite boring. Try substituting the right shade of yellow.

A deep yellow can pair with just about any earth-toned bathroom, like moss green, but much sunnier. If you have a tough time waking up in the morning, pairing your shower with a dose of pure brightness might be just what you need!

While you’ll want to stay away from pure sunshine yellow, of course, and away from the powdery light shades. Find your pick among the orange-eir shades, like honey yellow, bumblebee yellow, or mustard yellow.

5. Crimson

If you have the guts, nothing makes a statement more strongly than a deep-cut Victorian era style vibe. Given the right creative thought, red can bring a deeply original flair to your space.

Think of it now, maybe you can picture it: Crimson walls, white trim, and a gold-ornate oval mirror. Okay, maybe that’s a little ambitious. But don’t be afraid to dream!

If crimson is a little bright or dusty for you, play the field with garnet or current red for more or less the same effect. You will know you picked the right shade of crimson when you look around the room and feel like this is the best bathroom paint color.

6. White

The right creamy white will revolutionize your bathroom. Beige is boring, and there are a few off-whites that are just… off… but white is truly a shade that never goes out of style!

Crisp, bright white pairs well with every color under the sun, whether your appliances be old and ceramic or modern and steel. In a small room, or a darker space, the right cream white can be just what you need to get a calm and open-feeling space. Regardless of your bathroom accessory tastes, you’re bound to find a shade of white to please you!

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