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5 Weed Control Measures to Adopt in Your Home

One of the things that takes away from the enjoyment of your lawn and property is a profusion of weeds. We all want that beautiful green lawn and nobody wants to see a scrawny weed-filled mess when they open their front door.

A great lawn can not only add to your pleasure, it can also make a great impression when it comes time to sell your home. You can have fun while you’re looking after your lawn and with good weed management you should be fine on your own.

If the weeds start to take over, you might want to talk to your lawn care professionals for weed advice and guidance. They are likely already helping you by dealing with aerating, fertilizing and getting rid of lawn pests and grubs. Why not get them to assist with your weed problem as well?

1. Weed management basics

A lawn full of weeds is a neighbourhood nightmare. Weeds not take away from your family’ pleasure they are also harmful to your lawn/ Weeds fight the grass for space and they often win. Weeds choke out new grass growth and prevent rooting. That makes them particularly dangerous for new lawns or sods that has just been laid. On their own and left unchecked, weeds will take over any garden or lawn.

2. Fertilizing for protection

The first thing to do is to make sure that you have a thick base of grass at the roots of your lawn. When you first see weeds appear, pluck them out. Don’t just pull them out but try instead to get the whole root along with the weeds. Weed your lawn regularly and whenever possible. But one of the best protections against weed is a good solid root system. Fertilizing your lawn a couple of times a year will help you do that and it might be the best protection and proper form of proactive weed control you can undertake on your own.

3. Know your weed

weed control. Weeds may look different from one region to the other, but they all have the same impact. They squeeze out all other plant life forms so that they can room to breathe, breed, and grow. Fertilizing your lawn helps your grass fight back. It helps your grass to develop deep roots and can push back against the encroachment of the weeds in your area. Thick and healthy grass is naturally resistant to the growth of weeds in your lawn

4. Weed reduction plan

No matter where you live in the country, if there is grass there will always be weeds. They may look different in one area from another region, but they all have the same impact. They will squeeze out your green lawn and all other plant life forms so that they can room to grow and spread. That’s why you need a weed reduction plan for all season of the year.

Talk to your lawn care specialist for their tips and suggestions and if necessary an application of a non-toxic weed eliminator. And fertilize regularly to help your lawn fight back with development of strong, rich and well-rooted grass to protect it against the prevalent weeds in your zone.

5. Repeat as necessary

Keep your grass thick and healthy grass so that it can naturally resist the growth of weeds in your lawn. If you stay on top of the weed situation they have a much harder time of getting a grip on your front lawn. There are many weed control products that are safe to use at you’re your local gardening or lawn care centre. Or talk to the many professional weed control companies in your community. They’d would be happy to give you with their expertise and advice about growing a healthy and weed-free lawn.

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