5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Steel Garage

Do you smell it? Do you feel it? Do you see it? You know what it is? Spring is in the air!

That’s right. After months of Old Man Winter battering us with unbearably cold temperatures and heavy amounts of snow, the arrival of spring is imminent.

But do you also know what that means? It’s time to get ready for some good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Because you’re so excited for this unique time of the year to cleanse everything, you already have the cleaning products. The basement, the kitchen, the bathroom. You’re prepared for the works.

Are you forgetting something? There is one more location you need to clean: the steel garage. Whether it is cluttered or is limited to a few heavy pieces of equipment, the steel garage can be a bit difficult to clean since it has been inundated with the harsh elements of nature and the dust that can accumulate inside.

Here are five spring cleaning tips for your steel garage:

1. Clean the Gutters & Downpipes First

It’s a dirty job, but somebody needs to do it. It just so happens that person is you.

Cleaning the gutters and downpipes is the very first thing you should do when spring cleaning your steel garage. A lot of nasty items have accumulated in these spots, and to ensure that it can handle the expected rainfall in the spring and summer months, these need to be free of debris.

2. Grab a Hose & Spray the Frame

Now that all of the debris has been removed from the gutters and downpipes, you will need to grab your house and start spraying the exterior of the steel garage. Everything from the roof to the sides to the ground, getting it free of grime and dirt is essential.

You can even take it one step further by rubbing or spraying it with soap, and then washing it with hot water. By the end of it, the steel garage will look like you just erected it yesterday.

3. Remove the Buildup of Debris or Clutter

Just outside of the steel building, there has likely been a buildup of debris. It is your responsibility to get rid of this debris so that the integrity of the steel structure remains intact.

Moreover, if the interior of your steel garage has accrued a lot of unnecessary junk, creating a scene of unbearable clutter, then you need to remove the buildup. Or, at the very least, organize it so that your steel garage doesn’t look like a mess that houses cobwebs, pests, and germs.

4. Apply Weather Strips to Prevent Dust

Should you have an enclosed steel garage, and you want to prevent dust from penetrating in the interior of your structure, then one of the best solutions is to apply weather strips.

These weather strips can be added to the windows or the garage door. Once you install these minuscule investments, then you won’t need to worry about harmful natural elements.

5. Sweeping is the Last Step

Lastly, once you have performed all of the heavy-duty tasks of spring cleaning your steel garage, you will need to sweep the ground. And, you can take it one step further: wash the ground.

By performing these two tasks, no matter how superfluous you may think it is, will ensure that the steel garage remains in great condition. Remember, cleaning shields everything from dangerous bacteria to pests that want to establish a new home in your garage.

You spring clean your home, your office, and even your car. Why not your steel garage?

It is a worthwhile endeavour, even if it requires getting your hands dirty. This is something you look at every day, and perhaps even spend considerable time in. So, why not keep it clean?

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