5 Quick Eco-Friendly Facts About Wooden Wine Boxes

There is a magnitude of reasons why wooden wine boxes are one of the best choices to make as far as wine packaging is concerned. They are inexpensive, easy to personalize and customize, and they are durable, not to mention the style is particularly trendy right now – wood adds a chic, rustic look to packaging and decor. However, another amazing reason to choose wooden wine boxes is that they are the most environmentally friendly option in many different ways.

1. Reusable – and not just for wine

Wooden wine boxes are reusable in two distinct ways: either the manufacturer can use the box again, if they can get it back, or the consumer can keep the box once they’ve taken the wine out. In the case that the manufacturer can get the box back, they can simply fill it with another bottle of wine and send it back out.

This is an ideal option for them, as the box would already be branded and ready to go. In the likely event that the box doesn’t make it back to the manufacturer, it could be used for any number of alternative functions. For example, it could be used in home decor, for storage, or for wrapping gifts (wine or otherwise)

2. Recyclable and upcyclable

Should the box be damaged in any way or if there seems to be no use for it in its current form, the wood could always be recycled through a recycling service or upcycled, that is, used to create a completely new item. Regardless of whether the wood ends up in a formal recycling plant and made into a new item, or whether someone finds a way to turn it into something new right at home, wooden wine boxes are easy to recycle or upcycle.

3. Low energy consumption in production

One of the factors that people often forget about when looking at the environmental impact of a product is the energy and resources that are used to produce the items in the first place. Luckily, and increasingly so as time goes on, wooden wine box production does not require a significant source of energy or resources.

Producers are constantly working to decrease the environmental impact their production processes have. In fact, some companies also try to reuse or recycle materials that are leftover from production, like sawdust or wood pieces.

4. An all natural source

The materials used to create wooden wine boxes are all natural, renewable resources which do not require a significant amount of production to achieve their final form. The use of natural, renewable resources, and the fact that a significant amount of chemicals and man-made materials are not used in production is another environmental win for wooden wine boxes.

This means they will not poison the earth when they are left to decompose, they are already a natural product of the earth. And even with treatment or stain that may be added, wooden wine boxes provide an excellent alternative to man-made containers, especially plastics which are extremely bad for the environment.

5. Sustainably sourced materials

The argument people often have against products made of wood is the issue of deforestation in the world. However, most wooden wine box manufacturers are careful to adhere to sustainable wood collection processes. This means they try to minimize the impact they have on the environment, and that they try to take measures to replenish the resources they take.

This can be done by planting a number of trees equal to the number of trees they are using in production, or by ensuring that they do not cut down more trees than necessary.

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