5 Best Ways to Use Bubble Wrap Around Your House

We have all used or received packages that contain bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is one of those packaging supplies that is used to give protection to items that are more fragile when it is shipped. It is efficient and does a good job. However, it can be used in many other ways.

Whenever you get a parcel or package that contains bubble wrap, try not to discard it as it can be used in your home. You could also use it again if you had to send a package to someone. Here are some of the best ways to use bubble wrap in your home or even the office.

1. Toilet Tank Condensation

Some of you may be familiar with toilet tank condensation. When the weather is warm and humid, you may have noticed that the outside of the tank is all wet and sometimes, it can even start dripping onto the floor, causing a mess. Try lining bubble wrap on the inside of the tank as this will help to keep the outside of the tank from getting cold. This can help prevent condensation due to the warm, moist air.

Shut off the water supply first, then flush the toilet. Wipe the inside of the tank so that it is clean and dry. Then apply a silicone sealant and glue the flat surfaces with bubble wrap. This can prevent water from dripping which can cause a dangerous accident if someone slips and falls.

2. Protecting Produce In Your Fridge

Your fridge will have a crisper drawer where you might keep fresh produce. Line the drawer with bubble wrap to help protect your vegetables from bruising so they keep fresh longer. Bubble wraps make great lining for your fruit and veggie compartments. It also helps to keep cold air underneath them. The best part is the cleanup – it’s as simple as changing the wrap!

3. Insulation

You can save on energy and cut down on costs by using bubble wrap as insulation. This will help keep things warm as well. Insulate your windows by cutting bubble wrap so that it fits nicely. You can spray water and stick the wrap (the bubble side) against the window. For added strength, you can use duct tape or just use double-sided tape to help keep it secure. This may actually work better than those plastic insulators you can buy, so it’s a whole lot cheaper and probably more efficient!

4. Make Your Own Cushion

If you have back issues (and even if you don’t), try using bubble wrap as a lumbar cushion. Make your own, instead of forking out money on these expensive cushions. Roll up a portion of bubble wrap (lengthwise), making sure you roll it nice and tight until you make it thick enough that will rest nicely in the small of your back. Make sure that when you sit down, it supports your lower back. This will help to reduce pain and also help with your posture.

5. Help Shoes Regain Shape

If you’ve just moved, or if you come across shoes that you’ve not worn in a while and they were stored and got squashed, use bubble wrap to make them regain their shape. Stuff your shoes with it and after a while, they will regain their shape.

There are further uses for bubble wrap, such as for potted plants or as a makeshift mattress when you go camping. Don’t throw your bubble wrap away. There are some ingenious uses for them. Can you think of a few more?

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