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5 Best Places To Install Your Home Security Cameras

One of the best burglar deterrents your home can have is a security camera. It is a well-known fact that most burglars aren’t too keen on targeting a home that has a video surveillance system installed.

At the same time, when you are away from your home, you want to be able to know and see what’s going on. It makes you feel better, which is natural. With modern technology, you can do just that.

Whether you want to install a security system by yourself or call the professionals, you will need to know what is the best system for your situation. You also need to know where the best places are for setting things up, so let’s take a closer look at this.

1. The Front Door

About one-third of burglars use the front door to enter a home, so this is definitely a place you need to install a video camera. However, in order to prevent someone from tampering with it, place it on a higher floor, if you have one. You could also place it in the eves and focus on the front door. If your home has no higher floors, then enclose the camera with some form of protection such as mesh wiring so that it is harder for someone to damage it.

2. The Back Door

It is estimated that about one-fifth of burglars use the back door and side door as their entry point, so make sure to focus your cameras in both these places. Just remember that you should place a camera at any entry door you have. Make sure that you have some form of protection for these cameras too, just in case an intruder tries to throw something at it to try and damage it.

3. Off-street Windows

Burglars will sometimes enter your home by breaking a rear window or a window that cannot be seen from the street. This way, there is less of a chance of them being caught or seen by someone. By placing a camera at these points, the burglar may not be seen by others but your camera will be able to spot and record them. You can also install wireless security cameras that can be controlled from a remote point by using a mobile device.

4. Side Gate/Backyard

This is a place where some expensive things may be kept. Things like bicycles and lawn machinery can be found here and this is a burglar magnet. Surveillance cameras here are also important, or at least install motion sensor floodlights.

5. Basement Stairs

It’s a good idea to place a camera here because basements tend to have small windows where someone can squeeze through, or some other basement entry point. Placing a camera here can at least record the intruder. A motion sensor camera is a good idea, one with night vision capability.

One important point to make which you would be well-advised to heed is to make sure that your cameras are not only weatherproof but also have night vision. Some cameras are really good with night vision and can also pick up sound and pan an area and tilt to certain angles, offering you better security.

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