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4 Common Plumbing Emergencies & How to Solve Them

We will all likely need a plumber some day. Sometimes the jobs are too complicated or too dangerous to try on your own. Try and fix what you can on your won, but there are some situations where it is wise to call in the professionals. They might include a number of scenarios including having no water or no hot water, blockages that you can’t easily clear on your own, drains that stay clogged despite your best efforts and frozen pipes.

Whenever possible, try to make the minor repairs or adjustments yourself. But if you run into problems, or don’t want to make a plumbing problem worse, call a professional plumbing company to help stop your life from going down the drain.

1. No water or low water pressure

Poor or inconsistent water pressure throughout your home can be a problem. It could be a leak that is causing the problem and you may be able to clean mineral buildup out of the fixtures.

Having no water or problems with water flow might mean a bigger issue with the supply line. There might also be more damage than you can see or an obstruction in the water line that will need digging up and reconstruction and repairs Call a plumber to both diagnose and fix the problem to restore your water pressure to normal.

2. No hot water

Today, none of us would want to be without hot water for long. You could heat water on the stove for a bath, but why would you want to. We want the convenience and comfort of hot running water. When it stops, we don’t like it. It could be a leak in the hot water tank and you can see that easily. But if it is a slower leak somewhere in the system, it may take a while to find out why.

If the tank is electric, it could be a bad heating element, a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, a faulty thermostat, or a bad overload switch. On gas heaters, thermocouple burners and igniters can fail. A professional plumber can help with this one and get your hot water back on fast. They can tell you if you need a new heater or if the existing one can be repaired. They will look after getting the new one to the basement, hooking it up, making sure that it works properly, and getting rid of the old one.

3. Sewer problems

If your toilet is clogged and the plunger isn’t helping you need some outside assistance. A plumber can deal with jams and blocks inside your house and if the problem is bigger, they can help with that too. If you’ve tried all the tricks you know to get your sewer line to drain properly and backups continue, you may have a problem with the line that runs out to the main sewer. Or the problem might be even outside your house in the main sewer line.

You could rent a large plumbing snake to try and fix the problem yourself or you can call in the plumbing experts. They will fix what they can and if they need to, they will call the municipal authorities to get them to fix it for you.

4. Frozen pipes

If you’ve ever experienced frozen pipes, it’s a smart move to bring in a professional before a frozen pipe cracks or bursts, rather than trying to fix it yourself. If the pipes burst there will be untold serious damage and if you use a blowtorch you could start a fire. The old wood that is around frozen pipes can catch fire easily. Why take the chance when a professional plumbing company can deal with it efficiently, effectively and safely?

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