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3 Simple Tips to Care For Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and they help to get many a man out of the doghouse! A heartfelt flower delivery is also a perfect gift for many people, both buying and receiving. They can have specific meanings or they can just be a wonderful gift for anyone on any occasion.

Unfortunately, flowers don’t last very long. However, there are certain things you can do to make them look good and last longer so that you can enjoy them for a few more days. Let’s take a closer look at caring for flowers that you have just received.

1. Tips For Boxed & Loose Bunches

Grab a pair of scissors or a knife and cut off about an inch or two off the stems. You need to place the flowers in a flower food solution, but until you can, store it in a cool, dry place for now. These flower food packages come with special instructions, so make sure to follow the directions closely. Place the flowers in a clean vase with fresh water and then add the flower food into it. If you have a deep vase, that would be good. Just make sure to get rid of the leaves which are below the waterline. This is important because these leaves can actually cause microbial growth. That’s not good for the flowers as it can hinder it from getting enough water and food.

2. For Floral Arrangements

Make sure to have the vase filled with clean water. Use a vase that has been cleaned well. If you can use an antibacterial solution, that would be great, but if you do not have any at hand, don’t worry about it. Remember that you will have the flower food packet, so follow directions. Do not dilute it more than is necessary. Normally, you use a quart or pint of water, but check the directions.

Now, after some time, you may notice the water get cloudy. You need to change it with clean water again. If you have a flower food solution, all the better. Be gentle and make sure the stems don’t get crushed or bruised. Before you place it back into the vase, re-cut the stems again, taking off another inch or two just like the first time. Use a sharp knife. When done, keep the flowers in a cool, dry place and away from heating or cooling vents and also away from direct sunlight.

Do not place it directly under a ceiling fan. Some people may place it on top of a TV set. Don’t do that! Radiators seem to be another favourite place! Do not place flowers on top of things like that which give off heat, which will dehydrate the flowers.

3. Extra Nuggets

With care, the flowers may last well over a week. This also depends on the type of flowers. By following instructions, you can enjoy your flowers for a much longer time.

Here are some additional tips to care for your flowers;

  • When you cut the stems, do it underwater (not you, the flowers!) Make sure to cut it at an angle, like 45 degrees. This way, the stems are not sitting flat on the bottom and there is more surface area for absorbing water and nutrients.
  • You can change the water on alternate days and each time you do so, cut the stems.
  • When selecting flowers, choose ones with firm, upright petals. If you see buds beginning to open, all the better. Don’t use ones that are yellow or have drooping leaves.

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