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10 Pest Control Tips to Eliminate All Rodents

Pests can have a significant impact on your home. They can chew through wiring and cause electrical fires. Their presence can also lead to the spread of disease throughout the home. It’s the reason it’s so important to maintain a clean home free from pests. In this latest post, our trusted pest control team will highlight 10 pest control tips for keeping your home free of bugs, rodents and insects.

1. Trim branches to eliminate potential contact with the home

Branches outside the home can allow animals such as squirrels access to the home space and to guttering. Make sure that branches are trimmed back and that any contact between the home and outdoor trees and plants is reduced.

2. Repair holes in door framing

Your door frame helps to protect the property against intrusion by insects and small animals. It takes just a small crack within the framing for rodents to make their way inside. Make sure that you repair holes in framing and rips and tears in window screens to minimize the potential for small creatures to make their way inside.

3. Check for missing roof shingles

Larger animals will look for missing shingles in the roof area to enter the property. Creatures such as rats and squirrels can enter into the roof and begin making their nests using the insulation in the attic. Make sure you check the roof regularly for missing shingles.

4. Remove trash regularly

Ants and small insects are attracted to sweet smells such as rotting fruit and other types of food. And so if you leave your trash out in the kitchen over a long period of time, you could find you experience an ant infestation. Make sure you remove trash regularly to minimize the issue in your home.

5. Use halogen lighting outside the home

Bulbs that have a yellow tint produce lighting that is less attractive to bugs outside the home. And so, you might consider replacing your traditional exterior lighting with halogen bulbs ready to mitigate bug issues.

6. Clear all drains regularly

Home drains in the bathroom and kitchen often attract small insects such as house flies. The food that gets caught in drains can produce a small that gets the bug’s attention. And so, it’s important to ensure all drains are cleared regularly to resolve the issue.

7. Remove unsealed containers from the kitchen

Make sure that if you any unsealed containers with food inside that the containers are placed in the fridge or another closed compartment in the home. Those containers left open will attract ants, a creature that can create an infestation throughout the home in a short time.

8. Store recycling away from the home

Many people now store their recycling in bins directly outside their property. This can attract wildlife such as racoons and possum who may use the recycling for building their homes. Simply store recycling in sheds or in enclosed bins to minimize the potential for pests entering your property.

9. Remove standing water

Standing water from plant pots or watering the lawn can attract insects if it’s not removed. Make sure that any water pooling around the property is cleaned up well before insects arrive to investigate.

10. Move fruits and vegetables over time

Make sure that fruit and vegetables are removed from the home when they begin to move past their best before date. Rotting fruit is one of the leading reasons for insect infestations and removing the food from your home can help keep the property secure throughout the year.

Don’t wait to tackle pest control issues. Call a local pest control specialist today if you experience a problem and make sure you’re following the guide in this post to keep the home safe and secure.

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